• Trustees 2017-2018
Friends School, Inc. is a Colorado non-profit corporation and has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service as an educational, charitable organization.
The Community Board is responsible for the financial management of Friends School, sets strategy and major school policies, creates processes for long-range planning, periodically reviews the school’s organization, and oversees the implementation and maintenance of the school’s values. In addition, the Board employs, evaluates and supports the Head of School.
The Board oversees the school’s business in relationship with the Head of School, the Founding Parents, and the staff. The Founding Parents are a source of historical information for the school community and help sustain the school’s core values. The Board delegates the day-to-day responsibility for the administrative and educational activities of Friends School to the Head of School and to the faculty and staff.
Trustees are elected to the Community Board and often include parents, parents of alumni students, the Head of School, teachers, program directors, and community members. In addition, the three founding parents are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Board. The Community Board has an active committee structure including the Advancement Committee, Audit Committee, Committee on Trustees, Enrollment Committee, Facilities Committee, Finance Committee, Head Compensation & Contract Committee, Head Support Committee, Investment Committee, Polly T. Donald Enrichment Fund, Search Committee, Strategic Marketing Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and Transition Committee. These committees are working committees that meet regularly and report to the full Board. Staff are engaged in the governance of the school, included by serving on Board committees.

Board Committee Chairs

Committee Chair(s)
Advancement Diane Hullet
Audit Adam Kimberly
Committee on Trustees Carol Hampf
Enrollment Maureen Espinoza
Facilities Jeff Latier
Finance Chad McDaniel
Head Compensation & Contract Elizabeth Henna
Head Support Diane Hullet
Investment Carol Hampf, Erin Picone
Polly T. Donald Enrichment Fund       Jenny McGuire
Search Elizabeth Henna
Strategic Marketing Howard Rubin
Strategic Planning Anne Hunter
Transition Jenefer Donovan

Trustees 2017-2018

List of 19 members.

  • Steve de Beer 

  • Jenefer Donovan 

  • Maureen Espinoza 

  • Laura Farrelly 

  • Carol Hampf 

  • Elizabeth Henna 

  • Carol Hoeffler 

  • Diane Hullet 

  • Anne Hunter 

  • Adam Kimberly 

  • Jeff Latier 

  • Chad McDaniel 

  • Jenny McGuire 

  • Mindy Mullins 

  • Shelby Pawlina 

  • Erin Picone 

  • Liz Richards 

  • Howard Rubin 

  • Jessie Vanden Hogen 


Officers 2017-2018

Elizabeth Henna - Chair
Chad McDaniel - Treasurer
Maureen Espinoza - Secretary

Founders (Ex-Officio)

Bev Cole
Larry Gold
Hope Morrissett