Community & Parent Involvement

“One of the things I love about Friends School is the wide variety of volunteering opportunities available to parents. It has been fulfilling to work with the teachers, staff, and fellow parents at the school and develop a sense of community. Our children know I support them and their school, which sends a powerful message about valuing their education.” ~ Friends Parent
We believe the collective energy of many people, students, parents, faculty, and staff, creates a community that supports each other’s growth and learning.
Children who have a strong sense of belonging to their school feel safe and connected. Being part of a positive environment supports children’s growth into healthy, contributing members of society and their adult communities. We believe it is important to build and sustain community by nurturing respect, responsibility, and safety. It is important for students to learn direct, honest communication and mediation techniques. The social/emotional curriculum helps students learn self-awareness, which facilitates their interactions with and understanding of others.
Community at Friends School begins in each classroom. It expands to the school, the neighborhood, the city, and beyond. Children’s sense of community gradually grows to include other cultures and all living things.

Parent Involvement
Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged at Friends School for the full functioning of the school, as well as the success of each child. Parents have the opportunity to participate in classroom activities, community-wide celebrations, and educational events, and to volunteer in a variety of ways, including participation in Friends Connect (our parent community) or serving on committees or on the Community Board. Parent involvement provides support for the school and enhances the experience of students and their families.

At Friends School there are many committees that support the work of the school. Although faculty and staff serve on committees, parent participation on committees is critical. Service on committees is a great way to get to know and understand the workings of the school as well as to meet people you might otherwise not come in contact with.