Why Choose Friends?

Parents choose Friends School because they want to feel confident that their child is getting a personalized, quality education in a safe, nurturing environment where the student to teacher ratio is low, professional teachers are exceptional and caring, and where each child is known and treated with respect.
Parents choose Friends because they understand the importance of educating the whole child - head, hand and heart. Parents want to be certain that their child will be held to high academic standards and will be challenged to reach his or her full potential. Students here are immersed in a hands-on curriculum that offers both breadth and depth, is rich in the arts, and inspires heartfelt social and emotional learning.
Parents choose Friends because their child’s education, happiness and well-being are an essential investment for them. They want teachers who care and go the extra mile for every child.
They look forward to seeing their child come home from school each day thriving in the joy of learning, the excitement to return to school the next day, and the discovery of knowing themselves well.
Parents choose Friends School because they value community. They want their child and their family to know what it means to be a supported, productive member of a community that emphasizes compassion, social responsibility and respect of diversity and the individual.

What makes a Friends School student unique? A Friends School student is thoughtful and curious, excited about learning, and eager to learn more. Friends School students are open to new experiences, new challenges and new relationships. Students are respectful and kind to others. They are supportive, productive members of the school community, tuned to social responsibility. Friends School students are interested in being who they are and learning more about themselves, their community, and the world.
Let us assist you as you discover the valuable opportunity a Friends School education offers. Choose an open house, tour, or information meeting. Please email or call to schedule a tour and classroom observation so that you can determine if Friends School is the right educational environment and a good match for your child and your family. 
“With both of our children, we saw incredible strides in their emotional, social and academic lives. The teachers communicate with children and parents on such a candid level that one cannot help but listen and appreciate their words.” ~ Friends Parent
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