Alumni Association

Friends Alumni Association encourages our school alumni to stay in touch with the school and each other through special events and social media.

Our Alumni Facebook Page is a place for alumni to keep informed about school activities and reconnect with former classmates. Graduate accomplishments and profiles as well as reunions and events that honor our graduates are regularly updated on Facebook. 

Keep in touch and email us if you have news about one of our graduates.
“From Preschool to 5th grade, Friends School has always been warm hearted and filled with kindness. If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Friends, it is to always chase your dreams and not to stop until you’ve caught them.”
~ Friends Graduate
More than half of Friends Graduates are placed in advanced Language Arts (60%) and Mathematics (56%) in 6th grade (statistics 2010-2013). In nationally normed standardized tests, Friends School students average 10 percentage points higher than suburban school districts (like BVSD) in math, reading, writing and reasoning, and 35 percentage points higher than national public school average scores.