Friends Elementary classes emphasize an experiential and integrated curriculum, focused on academics, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility.
Skilled teachers identify children’s natural curiosity as building blocks for a flexible yet structured curriculum that engages students, stretches their abilities, and simultaneously helps them develop their respect for others.
Students work one on one, in small groups and as a whole class to solve problems and to gain understanding. We place a balanced emphasis on process and content, and supporting children to understand who they are as learners.
Skills and concepts are taught in cooperation. The richness of the Friends Curriculum lies in the unique ways in which teachers present skills to their students. Learning is enhanced through technology, field trips, guest speakers, art projects, and theater productions. In addition learning is woven into thematic studies,
 which rely on the interrelatedness of academic disciplines.
Elementary students also participate in classes outside of their regular classroom. These are taught by specialist teachers and include physical education, music, Spanish language and culture, art, library, and technology.
By the time children leave Friends Elementary program, they are fluent readers, skilled writers, sound mathematicians, curious scientists, independent thinkers, and competent communicators who are able to apply their knowledge in the real world. They are extremely well prepared for middle school and beyond.
“There are many places our son could gain the academic prowess he’ll need to at least have the chance to go to a great university, and Friends School is among them. But I’ve never encountered a school that fosters warmth, love of learning, and an almost spiritual feeling of togetherness like Friends does…Enrolling at Friends was the best choice we have ever made.” ~ Friends Parent