Support & After School Programs

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    AfterCare and Enrichment Classes are offered in Friends elementary program.  Contact for more information on AfterCare and Enrichment classes.

    The AfterCare program provides after school care for up to 25 children, ages 5-12. It begins after the regular school day and ends promptly at 5:30 PM. Time in AfterCare is structured with an after school snack, playtime either outdoors or in the Great Room, and a library or a choice time. AfterCare is available on a drop-in basis or at a discounted contract rate.

    Parents can sign up for AfterCare and Enrichment classes by logging in to the parent portal and selecting "After School Programs".

    As part of our after school program, Friends also offers an Enrichment Program. These classes are meant to be fun and engage students in a variety of activities. Classes include engineering, cooking, theater, art and physical activities. Classes are available at an additional cost and limited financial aid is available. Registration is online at Friends Enrichment Class Registration

    The school’s philosophy regarding celebrations is rooted in its origins. Celebrations are a means for bringing whole families together, as well as to acknowledge the cyclical nature of life. They preserve a rich and meaningful sense of community through shared and repeated ceremony.  It is important to us that each celebration we have builds and strengthens a sense of community in our children.  We want the celebrations to reflect different beliefs and family cultures.  We also feel it is important that they build a sense of ecological respect for the earth as well as a historical and cultural perspective. We welcome input from families on all our celebrations, especially ways to expand our horizons and incorporate more diverse customs and cultures.

    Our celebrations include Birthdays, Harvest, Halloween, Grandparents' Day, Winter, Field Day, Parents' Day, and Silver and Gold. 

    The Preschool participates in all celebrations, but in a limited and age appropriate manner.  Participation also varies from the Morning group of three and four year olds to the Afternoon group of four and five year olds.  For every age group we work to make the celebrations meaningful and fun.

    At Friends School our library is a center both literacy and technology learning. We believe that learning to use the library, and all that it has to offer, is critical to a student’s school success and lifelong learning. In today’s digital information age, we believe it is important to learn not only how to find information using a variety of resources, but to become more proficient in evaluating, synthesizing and presenting information.

    Our library and technology curriculum focuses on: library skills, where students learn about library etiquette and procedures, book selection skills and library organization; literature skills, where students learn about authors and illustrators, different genres, and comprehension and listening skills are reviewed and reinforced; and technology education, where students learn computer etiquette and skills, the power and potential of the computer as a writing and research tool, and to develop and create presentations.

    Friends School Math and Literacy Specialists support classrooms, teachers, and parents. These specialists work in the classrooms during math and literacy blocks to increase the ratio of teachers to students, and assess all students 2-3 times per year to help guide instruction. Additionally, Math and Literacy Specialists conduct workshops for parents to support their work at home with their children.

    Although our classrooms are a single grade level, we believe that children need opportunities to be with others who are learning various skills at the same rate as they are and to be challenged and taught by those who may be learning or developing more rapidly. They also benefit from the opportunity to support and teach others. Well-rounded learners come from having experiences as the younger in a group, as well as from being one of the older leaders of a group.

    At Friends this balance is created within classrooms and through the interaction of students among grade levels. This integrated, dynamic approach deeply engages the student and nurtures a love of learning, personal growth, and involvement in their world.

    Our school psychologist is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Boulder. Teachers bring questions and concerns they might have about student behavior. The school psychologist offers suggestions on how best to meet individual student needs in the school setting. She also is available by phone and email for teacher consultation and upon occasion for parent advice. Parents are responsible for fees associated with the student evaluations.